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A single source
of tactical visibility


To date we’ve developed three dashboards which are available below for you to use as you consider how best to direct your resources.

We also show below them the CSIR’s Vulnerability Index and the DSFSI’s District Map which will shortly be integrated into updated dashboards.

For the best experience on a mobile device, turn your device horizontally. On a laptop/PC, click the expand button above to maximise the dashboard.

Please click the Health and Community icons below to filter the data. More workstreams will be activated in future updates.

Vulnerability Index (CSIR)

This interactive map allows you to see the vulnerability index in South Africa which speaks to the health susceptibility and transmission potential in specific areas. In time we will incorporate this in the dashboard above so that business responses can be targeted appropriately.

Click on the Pin and then Add to Map

District Infections Map
by the Data Science for Social Impact Research Group (University of Pretoria)


The dashboard is under constant development as additional data sources become available.

While DBK Advisory will make best effort to ensure that data is updated and accurate, the disparate sources and nature of the data means we cannot guarantee this to be a full and accurate representation. If you feel that data is inaccurate, incomplete, or inaccurately represented, please contact us at info@dbkadvisory.com